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Date of birth: 10.11.1937, nationality: Armenian.
Profession: selectionist (breeder).
Organization name: Armenian State Agrarian University.
Position: Specialist of agricultural cattle's breeding and feeding, professor and doctor of agricultural sciences.
Number of years he has worked in this organization: 50 years.
Membership in professional society: The presidency member of the farmers' national union.

It's already 50 years since he works in the sphere of RA agriculture, he is a qualified and skilled specialist - selectionist, and an associate member of the Academy of Armenian Agricultural sciences (since 1994). He is the author of 116 scientific and 21 scientific -pedagogical works. By the head of professor Giloyan the high - productive, milk producing crossbreed cattle pedigree was created, this breed is very important for satisfying the milk demand in RA. He has also worked in the Republic of Chad, studied the sheep feeding problems in dry season. There is a film about his activity, which has been shown on the all-union central TV (in Moscow) in 1989 and gained everyone's approval. Prof. Giloyan participated in the formation of goat - breeding project that was asserted by [he USA agro - department (in 1999) and it was put into practice in Yeghegnadzor He has also taken part in the formation of agricultural goods system developing strategy of RA, as well as in the "Investment and estimation of new agricultural technologies'7 annual programs of USA agro - department. Prof. Giloyan shows great consultation and professional support for the Armenian farmers' national union, and manages the pedigree -- selection - insemination works which are carried out to create the pedigree high productive herds. He is rewarded with 3 gold medals. He knows Armenian (excellent), Russian (good) and French (satisfactory) languages. 1. The technology of making high quality silage from the green mass with a few sugar quantity. 2. The technology of preservation the newly born calves without using medicines. 3. The meat productive catties and renewing young's phased raising technology. 4. The technology of creating the endurable highly milk productive synthetic population herds.